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Red Hot in Cincy!

Posted by on August 3, 2012

Today we went to Cincinnati and the game was at The Great American Ballpark.  Matt’s dad knew another guy named Matt that works at Western & Southern Insurance and he got us really good tickets and a place to park that was close.  Thanks Matt C!

Matt:  The Reds have a really nice field and we went out to the right field area to look over the Ohio River.  There was a Riverboat going by.  I took a picture by the statue of Johnny Bench.  The Reds won and Todd Fraizer hit a two run homer in the second inning.  We got autographs from Chase Headley and 3 other Padres.  I had a Riverfront hotdog and it was good.  Dad had a Bratter Up and it looked bad.  Sauerkraut and peppers!

Graham: I liked the stadium.  It was pretty big and is my 3rd favorite so far.  I got 4 Padre autographs on a ball and I took A picture with the Marine that carried the flag out on the field for the National Anthem.  It was really hot and we walked out to the bleachers where their was a cold mist spray area.  At the end of the game we sat right behind the Reds dugout but we couldn’t get a ball.

We traveled to Louisville, Kentucky after the game and went to the Louisville Slugger factory and the Louisville Slugger Field.  The Louisville Bats are the Reds AAA team.  The park is really nice.  And we finally got to go swimming at the hotel!  Tomorrow we go to St. Louis.


4 Responses to Red Hot in Cincy!

  1. Matt Haugrud

    Hi Graham. I went to a Twins game yesterday. I saw one homerun by Danny Valencia but they lost 3 to 2. In the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs and guys on 2nd and 3rd, Dozier popped it out and we lost the game. It looks like you are having fun.

    • csamuel7

      Thank you, Matt. I appreciate it. We’re having fun.

  2. Matt

    You are quite welcome! I am enjoying following your journey. What a great trip for all four of you. Safe Travels….

  3. Uncle Tom

    Trip of a lifetime boys! I’m jealous. Have fun the rest of the way and travel safe.