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Tour in the Ivy!

Posted by on August 2, 2012


Wrigley Field is historic and very nice.  It was built in 1914 as a neighborhood ball park.  We liked the view of the rooftop seats  and enjoyed a good game.  The Cubs played the Pittsburgh Pirates, but lost 8-4.  We got to see 4 homeruns, and loved the old fashioned scoreboard, where they put the numbers up by reaching through and changing it by hand.

Before the game, we got 5 autographs from the Pirates players and their manager.  The food of the day was the famous Chicago dog.  Very good, but messy.  The food was expensive, the dog was $9.  After the 7th inning when the Pirates scored 5 runs, we moved to the front row directly on the brick wall behind home plate.  We nearly got a foul ball.  The Cubs made it interesting in the bottom of the 9th, but Rizzo struck out to end the game.

We would like to thank our dads’ banker friends for giving them vacation time to bring us on this trip.  We have had a great time so far, and headed to Cincinnati this morning.  Travel on!

3 Responses to Tour in the Ivy!

  1. Leah Baker

    Hope you guys have a great tour! Keep the updates coming. At the end of the trip I want to know who had the best hot dogs!

  2. Matt Haugrud

    Hi Matt. I miss you. I almost caught a foul ball yesterday in the seat in the row in front of me. Some guy caught it instead. He had two boys. They were from Chicago. They caught my foul ball.

    • csamuel7

      Matt sounds like fun. I miss u 2. Thanks for following along.