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Milwaukee – Game 2

Posted by on August 1, 2012


Miller Park is HUGE!  It was another really nice night and the roof was open.  There was a HUGE full moon right over the scoreboard.  Graham’s dad hit whiffle balls to us in the parking lot and we tailgated for a while.  We got two autographs before the game, one player from each team.  They aren’t very famous.
Bernie Brewer went down the big yellow slide on the homeruns for the Brewers.  We had hotdogs and Graham thought they were better than the dogs at Target. Matt’s dad had a brat with the Secret Stadium sauce, which I guess is famous.  Don bought a jar of it.  
The Brewers won 10-1.  We got on the JumboTron again!!  We were dancing to “Jump Around”!
After the game we headed to Chicago and got to Wrigley this morning to get tickets and get in early.

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One Response to Milwaukee – Game 2

  1. Julie Durgin

    Sweet! JumboTron mania!!!! What’s the secret sauce? Ketchup and Mayonnaise? Thousand Island? (Name the movie…)