Matt & Graham’s Baseball Tour – Season 2

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Top 5 Tour Review

Our tour is complete and we are back home.  2100 miles, 10 States, 8 Cities, 6 Stadiums,  7 Days and a lot of brats and dogs!  Plus a first trip to a Waffle House!  What was even more impressive is Graham’s dad Don drove every mile of the trip!

We asked the boys for their Top 5 memories of the tour – here they are:


5 – getting baseball cards

4 -seeing all the stadiums

3 – getting Josh Hamilton’s autograph

2 – seeing all the players play

1 – spending time with my dad and my friend


5 – having a Hot Dog at each stadium.  St. Louis had the best.

4 – hanging out with my dad

3 – Autographs

2 – getting Josh Hamilton to autograph a ball

1 – seeing the different ballparks


For the dads, just the time with our boys and watching them be excited and wide-eyed was certainly the best part of the trip.  We’ll never forget it.

Thanks to all that followed along and sent comments to the boys.  Thanks to Shane at the Fargo Forum for helping set up our site and allowing us to share our experiences with our friends and family!

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Kansas City Kool


Our last game of our tour was at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.  It’s a cool park with a lot of fountains and waterfalls in the outfield.  We got some tickets from a coach of a college baseball team here in KC.  The Royals played the Rangers and there were a lot of Ranger fans at the game.  Lots of tailgating going on, too.

Matt:  We got up yesterday in St. Louis and had breakfast at the hotel and met the parents of Cardinal player Jon Jay.  They were from Cuba and moved to Miami when Jon was very little.  The dad talked to us a lot and was really nice.  We drove to Kansas City and got there  right when the gates opened and went down by the Rangers dugout to try and get some autographs.  We got Josh Hamilton!  He was a good guy and signed for a lot of the kids by the dugout.  I also got a Royal player – Lorenzo Cain.  My dad and I walked around the park and watched from the fountains and I got my picture with the Royals mascot Slugger.  I had a KC Dog and it was just like a regular hot dog.  The best part of the game was getting Josh Hamilton’s autograph.

Graham: I liked the Royals park with all the waterfalls, fountains and huge big screen scoreboard.  I got right by the dugout and got a ball signed by Josh Hamilton and that was cool!  I also got a ball signed by one of the Royals.  I got a KC hat and so now I have a hat from each of the parks we went to.  I had pizza and a huge flavor icee.  My dad had Kansas City ribs.  I think this park is one of the nicest ones.

We headed out to Council Bluffs, Iowa after the game as we have a long trip home tomorrow.  Everyone is pretty tired and we miss our sisters and moms.  We’ll wrap our report with one more post listing our Top 5 things about our tour.

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Cardinal Crazy

Day 5 started in Louisville, Kentucky.   We stayed overnight there after the Cincinnati game.  We went to the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory and took a tour.  They make 1.8 million bats a year!  We watched how they make them and learned about all the players they make them for.

We drove to St. Louis and got a hotel right by the Arch.  We are just two blocks from Busch Stadium.  It was super hot…..98 degrees!  There was a lot of people in line to get in because it was Bruce Sutter Bobblehead day.  We got 4 of them.

Graham:  I got a ball from the Brewers pitching coach and an autograph on my ticket from John Shelby, a coach for the Brewers.  The kid next to me got Ryan Braun to sign but it was the only one he signed.  I have been to Busch Stadium before and it’s a nice stadium.  The best thing I had to eat was the pizza.  My dad had a Bratzel, a brat wrapped in a baked pretzel.

Matt:  Busch Stadium is my favorite park.  We had awesome seats that my buddy The Big E  got us!  Thanks Jon!  The view of the city skyline and the Arch is cool.  I got autograph on a ball from Livan Hernandaz.  I had a Jumbo Dog and my dad had a St.Louis Dog wrapped in bacon and it had baked beans and onions and pickles on it.  The game was good and the Cards won 9-3.  Yadi Molina was the player of the game.  The Cardinal fans are crazy.  They did the Wave 4 times.

We have one more game on our tour and will leave for Kansas City this morning.

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Red Hot in Cincy!

Today we went to Cincinnati and the game was at The Great American Ballpark.  Matt’s dad knew another guy named Matt that works at Western & Southern Insurance and he got us really good tickets and a place to park that was close.  Thanks Matt C!

Matt:  The Reds have a really nice field and we went out to the right field area to look over the Ohio River.  There was a Riverboat going by.  I took a picture by the statue of Johnny Bench.  The Reds won and Todd Fraizer hit a two run homer in the second inning.  We got autographs from Chase Headley and 3 other Padres.  I had a Riverfront hotdog and it was good.  Dad had a Bratter Up and it looked bad.  Sauerkraut and peppers!

Graham: I liked the stadium.  It was pretty big and is my 3rd favorite so far.  I got 4 Padre autographs on a ball and I took A picture with the Marine that carried the flag out on the field for the National Anthem.  It was really hot and we walked out to the bleachers where their was a cold mist spray area.  At the end of the game we sat right behind the Reds dugout but we couldn’t get a ball.

We traveled to Louisville, Kentucky after the game and went to the Louisville Slugger factory and the Louisville Slugger Field.  The Louisville Bats are the Reds AAA team.  The park is really nice.  And we finally got to go swimming at the hotel!  Tomorrow we go to St. Louis.


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Tour in the Ivy!


Wrigley Field is historic and very nice.  It was built in 1914 as a neighborhood ball park.  We liked the view of the rooftop seats  and enjoyed a good game.  The Cubs played the Pittsburgh Pirates, but lost 8-4.  We got to see 4 homeruns, and loved the old fashioned scoreboard, where they put the numbers up by reaching through and changing it by hand.

Before the game, we got 5 autographs from the Pirates players and their manager.  The food of the day was the famous Chicago dog.  Very good, but messy.  The food was expensive, the dog was $9.  After the 7th inning when the Pirates scored 5 runs, we moved to the front row directly on the brick wall behind home plate.  We nearly got a foul ball.  The Cubs made it interesting in the bottom of the 9th, but Rizzo struck out to end the game.

We would like to thank our dads’ banker friends for giving them vacation time to bring us on this trip.  We have had a great time so far, and headed to Cincinnati this morning.  Travel on!

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Guests in Chicago

Keith & Sarah Ishaug joined us @ Salt and Pepper just before walking over to Wrigley.  Keith grew up in Pelican Rapids and he and Sarah now live and work here.  They are heading to Lake Lizzie tonight!


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Milwaukee – Game 2


Miller Park is HUGE!  It was another really nice night and the roof was open.  There was a HUGE full moon right over the scoreboard.  Graham’s dad hit whiffle balls to us in the parking lot and we tailgated for a while.  We got two autographs before the game, one player from each team.  They aren’t very famous.
Bernie Brewer went down the big yellow slide on the homeruns for the Brewers.  We had hotdogs and Graham thought they were better than the dogs at Target. Matt’s dad had a brat with the Secret Stadium sauce, which I guess is famous.  Don bought a jar of it.  
The Brewers won 10-1.  We got on the JumboTron again!!  We were dancing to “Jump Around”!
After the game we headed to Chicago and got to Wrigley this morning to get tickets and get in early.

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Twins win in walkoff fashion!

Target Field was great! Sunny and amazing views.  There was a full moon right above the field!  It was a fun game & Twins win 7-6!  Denard Span had two great catches and Jamey Carroll had a walk off sac fly in the bottom of the 9th. 

We got an autograph from Gordon Beckham and we got on the Jumbotron!  The food was expensive!  Gatorade was $5!  It was ‘Dollar Dog’ night, so our dads were happy about that.

We drove to Eau Claire after the game and are leaving for Milwaukee this morning.  We don’t have our tickets yet, but we will get there early and do Tailgating and look for tickets and try to get some Brewers autographs. 

Matt & Graham

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Headed to Minneapolis

Matt and Graham are headed to Minneapolis.  Their first baseball game is tomorrow night with the Twins vs. the White Sox.  Hopefully, the Twins can continue on their winning streak and beat the Sox.  Then they are off to Milwaukee on Tuesday, Chicago (Cubs) on Wednesday, Cincinnati on Thursday, St. Louis on Friday and Kansas City on Saturday.  They might even take in the Louisville Slugger museum on Thursday or Friday, if they have time. Whew!

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